IMI Defense Dummy Bullets


The IMI Defense Dummy bullets have the exact same dimensions as the original bullets. allowing the user to chamber and successfully extracts them. The high-quality polymer makes the dummy bullets look like the real deal. The hole in the bottom designed for a key chain modification to carry your favorite caliber with you the hole time.

Dummy Bullets
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4Features and Specifications:

  1. Made from High quality reinforced Polymer.
  2. Identical dimensions as the actual bullets.
  3. Can be extracted and chambered like the original.
  4. Comes in two colors: Black and Blue.

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Dummy Bullets

.308 (7.62X51) 20 pcs PACK, .38 Special 5 pcs PACK, .380 AUTO 7 pcs PACK, .45 AUTO 10 pcs PACK, 0.22 LR 25 pcs PACK, 0.5 – 5 pcs PACK, 12 GAUGE 10 pcs PACK, 300 AAC BlackOut 30 pcs PACK, 40 S&W 10 pcs PACK, 5.56X45 30 pcs PACK, 6.8mm Remington SPC 30 pcs PACK, 7.62X39 30 pcs PACK, 7.62X54R 30 pcs PACK, 9 mm 15 pcs PACK


1 year of reasonable usage.

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